March 08, 2019

Madrid Honeymoon / Mini Moon Trip Ideas

I recently got back from a long weekend in Madrid (three nights 4 days) and I thought it was the perfect city for a honeymoon stop or a minimoon weekend break. Obviously this is just my experience in Madrid, a city of culture, architecture, food and amazing people. If you are considering Madrid for your honeymoon or as a mini moon destination this is for you...

Madrid Travel Blog Madrid City Honeymoon

The lowdown on Honeymoon in Madrid:
  • What to buy in Madrid

    Leather goods, clothes, and food! 
  • What to eat in Madrid

    It will come as no surprise that Tapas is the main thoroughfare in Madrid. Although they do have a unique speciality in the bocadillo de calamares [ a calamari sandwich]. Do it like the locals do at stand up only tapas joints, eat the one thing everyone else is eating and then move on. Hint: if there are pictures of the food on the menu its not a traditional place!
  • What to see in Madrid

    The Botanic Gardens and Retiro park are a must for a outdoorsy among you. Retiro park has a man made lake where honeymooners can rent a little row boat, how freaking romantic! For me there is nothing worse than a travel guide that says 'get lost' on the winding streets of Madrid, (like every single Venice blog post out there!) but what I will say is that wandering up and down the lanes of Old Madrid is pretty fab, and stumbling on some new tapas places, or admiring the mixed architecture (Flemish, Dutch, Spanish and French to name a few) is pretty nice.
  • What to do in Madrid

    Oh of course no visit to Madrid would be complete without stopping at the Prado Museum or the Royal Palace. Hint: book tickets in advance to avoid the queues.  
  • What to drink in Madrid

    Vermouth! Also known as Martini is the drink of choice for many Madrians. If that's not your bag, relax with your new husband a cheers to married life with a glass of Tinto de Veranno (like Sangria) and of-course the odd splash of Spanish red wine. 

My 3 day Madrid Itinerary: for honeymoon inspiration.

We stayed in an Air Bnb in La Latina. The perfect location for exploring Madrid while on honeymoon near the Plaza Mayor and lots of great bars and restaurants. I will link it below:
Airbnb Madrid Travel Blog

Day One Madrid:

Stop and smell the churros. The thicker the chocolate the better – it is known in Madrid that the spoon should stand up straight in the chocolate for the perfect dipping consistency.  While we waited to check into our Airbnb we grabbed some seats on a local cafe terrace and ordered coffees and churros in the sunshine. No better way to start the day. 

After that we headed towards Plaza Mayor, a beautiful old square brimming with bars and restaurants which an extremely chequered past. This square used to hold events like bull fighting and football matches. Locals would rent out their balconies for people to watch the fighting below. If that doesn't give you the shiver this is also the scene of the Spanish inquisitions, those accused of not being catholic would be dragged to square on trial, if you pleaded guilty they had mercy on you i.e. death by strangulation. If you pleaded innocent but were found guilty you'd be burned alive.

Now of-course its mostly restaurants and bars and I can happily report there were no executions during our stay. [one piece of advice the plaza mayor is fantastic for drinks but don't eat there!]

Before heading back to the Air Bnb we stopped for Ice Cream at Helados de Patagonia. The picture says it all i think :P

Ice Cream Madrid Helados de Patagonia
Often when we are travelling we book onto a local food tour to get the lay of the land on our first evening. Madrid was no exception and we booked the Tapas, Taverns and History Tour with Devour Madrid– if group tours aren't your thing you can do your own tapas trail also but we learned so much more about Madrid and its history than if we had gone alone.

Day Two Madrid

Day two for us fell on a Sunday! Luckily that is the day of the El rasto flee market , one of the biggest outdoor flea markets in Europe and well worth a visit! We ambled around the market for most of the morning, looking at the various antiques and stalls.

In the afternoon we hit the Botanical Gardens, there is a cafe inside the gardens where you can grab a seat and order wine inside, unfortunately for us it was already full so instead we crossed over the road for a spot of lunch at The Spanish Farm, the food was amazing!!

If you aren't completely tired yet the next stop is the Prado Museum. If your a fan of Goya, or Reuben this is for you. Be prepared to queue if you haven't prebooked and give yourself at least a couple of hours in there. If classic paintings aren’t your thing head to the Reine Sofia for a modern take.

Dinner. If you haven't gathered by now I am a self confessed foodie. I had done a lot of research beforehand and we had booked Astor for dinner! [You need a reservation, there are two sittings for dinner 8.30 and 10.30]

Wow. This place didn't disappoint and if you are looking for good food with a great atmosphere go here for dinner! We started with a round of cocktails - Astor make their own Spanish version of many classics. Followed by Ceviche, Steaks and Chocolate Cake. What's not to like!

MAdrid Itinerary

Day Three Madrid

Ok by the time we got to day three we were pretty tired - we had been sightseeing at a pace so for our last we slowed down and hit the shops.

Head to the Gran Via for shopping (Primark, Zara, Mango, Sfera, Sephora and Kikko) hint: have a bite or a drink at the rooftop terrace of the el Cortes Ingles over looking the Puerto del Sol  or try the root top terrace at the bellas artes terraza – 4 euro admission. After stocking up at Kikko (for make up) we wandered towards the Grand Palace where are instantly transported to France / Paris / Versaille – (not literally of course)! You are still in Madrid. 

Purto Del Sol Madrid

Fun fact: Madrid is the geographical centre of Spain, a strange place for a capital. Fresh seafood is flown in twice a day to satisfy the locals appetite for fresh fish

Don't leave Madrid with out checking out the Mercado de San Miguel, a smorgasbord of stalls selling meats, cheeses, tapas and desserts as well as few bars under one roof!

What else do you need to know: Madrid is super easy to get around, Uber & MyTaxi is widely used but you can always grab a taxi on the street, taxis from the airport have a flat charge of 30.00 euro.

There are lots of Michelin Star eateries in Madrid if you want to go all out for a special occasion. 

Sinead x

If you liked our review of Madrid let us know, if you are looking for more honeymoon destinations check out this one on Venice xx

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