February 09, 2018



1. Go back to where you first met.

Did you set eyes on each other across the dancefloor in Copperfacejacks like we did? Or maybe after you swiped right, your first date was a steaming cup of coffee. Re-kindle the tingles by going back to where it all started. Reminiscing about how far you've come together, what can be more romantic than that.


2. Beach Babes

We're going old school here. Like a lonely hearts ad, don't we all just want some one to walk along the shore with? Take an early morning or sunset stroll along the strand, hand in hand (bet you did n't know I was a poet). Be each others beach babe. 

 Beach with Bae

3. Sexy Spa Time

Yes I hear you. Spa's are expensive. But nothing says you can't recreate the spa experience at home. Get your robes on, candles lit, run a bath, face masks and give each a nice massage. No wedding planning allowed. This is pure relaxation.


4. Movie Night

I'm sure V-day will bring a lot of Netflix and Chill, but why not take it one step further and recreate those movie house feels. Popcorn, maybe a nice blanket to snuggle up, get your partners favorite movie time treats and sit back together. 


5. Workout

Ok not everyones idea of a good time but hear me out. Regardless if shredding for the wedding is on your mind, apparently couples workouts have a lot of benefits. “By working out as a couple, you can face the challenge together through positive reinforcement.” - Mens Health Magazine. Think of it like discount couples therapy and if you've build up any wedding stress, I guarantee you'll feel better and closer.



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