June 29, 2017

Okay first let's get practical. You know I am going to tell you to relax and enjoy it right? I can already hear you saying, what if it rains? what if the florist doesn't show? what if they use the wrong ribbon on the cake? Guess what? Shit happens! 

You know how brides always say that things go wrong on the day. They do. Despite all your spreadsheets and meticulous planning. They go wrong. You can't control the weather. It rained on my day (in Spain might I add!) and guess what, I started a business selling wedding umbrellas. (Now there is a cloud with a silver lining eh!). 

The wrong center pieces got delivered. Imagine my horror when I noticed jam jars with hessian ribbon on the tables at my monochrome black tie wedding!! Two words, Family Drama. What else...the hair dresser couldn't curl my extensions, the make artist that showed up was not the one I booked, one of suppliers hadn't been paid and my dear hubby to be was out for lunch with his groomsmen. 

Now when I say it rained, I mean in the middle of my outdoor ceremony & oh yeah right before the outdoor meal! But hey, believe me when I tell you, on the day you just roll with it. We had the speeches inside and waited it out until the sun appeared & it did!

I've heard plenty of other horror stories, people not showing up or worse people who aren't invited showing up! Cars breaking down. Even the baker dropping the cake. I can assure you even if the worst happens, it won't spoil your day. The absolute high you get when you marry your best friend surrounded by all the people you love most in the world isn't something that can be taken away by center pieces. If if they did have god damn hessian on them!


Sinead x





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