July 02, 2018

Why is a hen party called a hen party? 
Nowadays it would be pretty unheard of to get married and not have a hen party or stag party. I don't agree with the notion that it is 'celebrating' your last night of freedom or any of that jazz. As women and as a society I think we have moved on, in terms of most couples already choose to live together before getting married! For me and I think for most women, its just a chance to get together with a group of friends and have a great time celebrating someone you love.
As to why it's called a hen party, as far as I understand it, its not the literal meaning of hen rather the female of any bird and so a hen party is a party exclusively for ladies. Same with a Stag party. Sten i.e. combining a hen and stag party is fairly recent concept but one that does seem to be gaining popularity. Particularly now as couples are older getting married and are likely to be in groups of friends that want to socialise and travel together
When is the hen party?
According to Hen Heaven, now the typical time between a hen and wedding is one month. Clearly you also need to take into account the type of hen you are having. For example for a destination hen you probably want to leave more time between the hen and the big day if leave is required, as well as factoring in the expense of attending an overseas hen or wedding. 
Whether you're a bride to be or chief organiser of the hen we've grabbed a few of our favourite hen parties to give you some real life inspiration and advice.
Kicking it off with my own hen party back in March 2016. (Two months before my destination wedding! FYI). 
Pom Poms
Hen Party Destination: Carlingford, Louth
Where did you stay? Rented House
How long did you go for?One Night
How Many Hens attended:Nine
Your role: Bride
Brides Name:Sinead Starrs
Who organised it?My Bridesmaids Aisling, Kamahn, Ciara and Blathnaid 
Did you use a company to organise or DIY?DIY They organised it themselves
Hen Party
Was there a theme? yes! as I was getting married in Spain the theme was Spanish the girls had decorated the night before with red pompoms and streamers as well as serving sangria, in the evening the bride aka me wore white and everyone else wore black.
Was there a hen activity? Many many activities! As we were staying in private accomodation, all of the activities came to us. We had massages, we did real life drawing with a 'fireman' called Danny who did a bit of a dance at the end! *wink wink*, then we had a local bar man come down and did cocktail making with us before heading out for dinner and a pub crawl!
Any deadly games?Yes, we played a few different games but the one that stand out was where each hen had to put in a word or memory of the bride and then I had to guess from the clue whose it was and then explain the story.
What was your favourite/funniest Moment?Definitely the interaction with the 'Fireman'. He really knew how to get us laughing, we each had to draw him and then he picked a winner. It was hilarious. I still have the videos on my phone!
Hen Party Advice for future hens?Because I was getting married abroad I wanted to keep everything low key, which is why the girls chose Carlingford as it's less than 30 mins from where we live. I think you need to consider the group your travelling with, do they have kids or other commitments, most ladies probably have more than one hen or wedding to attend that year so be considerate and give as much notice as possible. 
Girl Opening WineMe getting the party started #champagneshowers
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