March 22, 2019

This week on Wedding Wednesday (Our Instagram Q&A) we got asked to help a bride find Magenta Block heel shoes! Well that was a task and a half :-) It's funny when we have something really specific in mind and nothing else will do especially for our wedding. We did find her a few options so hopefully she gets sorted! With that in mind I started thinking about coloured shoes in general and how its a wedding trend that seems to be gaining momentum.  

Colourful Wedding Shoes

Traditionally brides wore white or ivory shoes to match their dress. But hey, who does anything traditional anymore!

We want brides everywhere to have fun with their bridal style. Lots of brides even find their shoes before their dress. If you are a bride that normally wears a lot of colour, then why shouldn't you include colour on your wedding day! Our mantra at The Lovely Little Label is that it's all the lovely little details that make your wedding and your bridal style as unique as you are. (The same applies to your everyday style FYI).

If you’re worried that colourful wedding shoes won’t look formal enough for your wedding, opt for a chic court heel with a pointed toe for the ultimate in modern sophistication. Or Choose a muted colour palate like pastels.

 "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world"


Something Blue Wedding Shoes

A lot of brides choose to go with blue wedding shoes as their 'Something Blue'. Remember those royal blue wedding shoes from Manolo Blahnik  that Mr Big proposed to Carrie with in ‘Sex and the City’?  If Carrie is your spirit animal, channel her look by wearing the famous Hangisi shoes with your dress for a fashion forward bridal look. I believe Marks and Spencers also do a dupe of these.

Blue Wedding Shoes


You can choose Colourful Wedding Shoes without being 'out there' if it's not your thing! It all comes down to personal style.

Go for a nude, gold, silver or metallic look for ultimate wearability. Particularly if you are splashing the cash on shoes you will want to wear again. After all its unlikely you will get to wear the dress again but all of your accessories should represent your personal style so they can be worn long after the event. 

Traditional Wedding Shoes

There are still some fab choices for brides wanting to go the traditional route of white or ivory shoes. Rainbow Club, Harriet Wilde, and even the Jimmy ChooBridal Collection has a selection of white / ivory beauties.

If you’re torn between getting wedding shoes you can wear again and ones that are a traditional bridal white or ivory then don’t worry, as now it’s possible to have both! Rainbow Club & Harriet Wilde offer a dyeing service on all their bridal shoes – so you can transform them with a colour of your choosing after the wedding is over.


What Colour Should I choose for my Wedding Shoes?

Match your shoes to your flowers or to your bridesmaids dresses or your theme or nothing at all! Pick your favourite colour and go with it!

 Red Wedding ShoesColour Wedding ShoesBlue Wedding Shoes

What about Wedding Shoe Alternatives? 

If you’re not good with heels and are nervous about teetering down the aisle wearing shoes that wouldn't normally go for. The simple answer is don't! Lots of brides these days are choosing to wear trainers for their wedding shoes or changing after the ceremony. In fact Kate Spade has released a collab with Kedsfor Bridal Sneakers.

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