December 28, 2016

Choosing your bridesmaids is the easy part. They understand their role – organise a kick ass hen party, look good, smile at the relatives, and generally deal with your inner brideszilla. But what do you get them in return for their help and support?

Generally speaking the brides will purchase the dresses, but unfortunately even the stunning sequin numbers rarely get worn again. Often brides treat their bridesmaids to hair, makeup and nails on the day (or a combination of these).

Many brides also want to give their bridesmaids a gift, something that shows your girls how much you appreciate them. We’ve put our heads together (i.e. a serious collective of shopping experience) and come up with 5 alternative gifts that will help to make your wedding day a memorable one for your bridesmaids also.

1. Jewellery

Jewellery is the obvious choice, after all diamonds are a girls best friend. Also it makes a nice keepsake that they can wear throughout the year. And every time they wear it they will be reminded of the honour they had of being your bridesmaid. If you have multiple bridesmaids you can either get them matching jewellery or something unique to suit their style

2. Robes

It’s your big day. You’re having the girls over early to get your hair and makeup done and to help you get your dress on. But the photographer will be there. What do the ladies wear before they put their dresses on? Well, we love the idea of matching robes. They make for a nice keepsake for your bridesmaids that they can wear whenever they are getting their makeup done.

3. Slippers

It can take a few hours to get your makeup and hair done the morning of your wedding. While a cup of tea (or glass of champagne!) will help to keep your bridesmaids warm, why not gift them a pair of slippers to guarantee they are kept cosy during the morning preparations?

We love our bridal slippers range, which can be used during the morning preparations, and later in the evening when your feet get sore from all that dancing. And then your bridesmaids have a beautiful keepsake that they can wear all year round. Our personal favourite are the Olivia Bridal Slippers – the blue slippers add a touch of something blue for the bride, and the white slippers can then separate the bridesmaids – all while keeping the bridal party co-ordinated!

4. Perfume

As a gift for a bride we love the Something Blue perfume by Oscar de la Renta. But what about for your bridesmaids? Well, you can either get them their favourite perfume. Or you can go a little left field and pick one you think they will like. The great thing about perfume is that you can pick a different scent for each bridesmaid.

perfume5. Umbrellas

How could we compile a list of our favourite bridesmaids’ gifts without mentioning our infamous umbrellas?! These are so popular with our brides and bridesmaids. Why? They look great in photos, are practical for when it rains (did you know you have over a 60% chance of rain on your wedding day in Ireland), and can be used again by your bridesmaids. It’s something they will get great use out of, particularly in the UK and Ireland! Our favourite are the wooden handle umbrellas for your bridesmaids, which are good quality and practical for future use. And then as a bonus you can treat yourself to a heart shaped umbrella for yourself to add a pop to your wedding photos.

Till next time lovelies x

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