February 19, 2017

So your big day is coming up. You have got all your bridesmaids gifts gifted, your table plans planned and your family politics smoothly negotiated. But there’s one person you may have forgotten in the plans to make your wedding day perfect. That is of course your hubby to be!

A quick google search will reveal a tradition that your fiancé should be gifted a watch when you get engaged. But generally in the rush to get your nails done and show off the sparkly number on your hand the man often gets very little other than your love and affection and a pat on the back from family and friends.

The wedding day (or evening before) is your opportunity to show your appreciation to your husband, and to give him a token of your love that he will cherish forever. At the Lovely Little Label we’ve put our collective heads together and come up with 5 gifts that your husband to be will appreciate.

  1. Cufflinks


Your man is more than likely going to be wearing a shirt on his big day. Many shirts require cufflinks to help pull his wedding look together. While most men will have a set of cufflinks already, the last thing you want is your husband to be wearing the same silly cufflinks he wore to his graduation! The nice thing about cufflinks is that there is so much choice out there, and they are easily customisable. You can go for anything from a silver pair with his initials on them to his favourite football team’s crest. A nice set can be worn again and again and will be a constant reminder of the time you tied the knot.  


  1. A Hipflask

hip flask

Is your hubby to be partial to a drop of the hard stuff? Do you think he will need a drop of Dutch courage to walk down the aisle? Perhaps you can indulge him with a little hip flask for the big day. Again there are plenty of hip flask options out there and they are easily customisable. Because it is a larger item there is more surface to work with, so you can have it engraved with anything from special dates, to quotes that mean something to you both. You can even earn extra brownie points by filling it with his favourite tipple!


  1. A Wallet or Money Clip

Money Clip

From this moment forth, what’s yours is his and what’s his is yours. So, now that you guys are sharing finances better make sure that he’s looking stylish when pulling out your cash to pay for things! Most men use a wallet daily, so it’s a really practical present. A lot of wallets are customisable, so you can get his initials or your wedding date engraved on it. While money clips may not be as popular, they are still an unusual cool gift that your husband to be would probably never buy himself. You can also get a small note or your wedding date engraved on it so that he has a beautiful souvenir of your wedding day.


  1. A Watch


As we mentioned above, some people like to gift a watch to their husband to be, either when they get engaged or on their wedding day. Although times are changing, a lot of men still do not wear much jewellery. A watch is the one item of jewellery that most men will wear. This way whenever your man checks what time it is he can think of you, and count down the minutes until you are together again! Some people will push the boat out and go for a very expensive watch such as a Rolex or Raymond Weil. These timeless pieces do make great gifts and can even be passed on in later life. However, if you spent your champagne budget on well champagne or prosecco, there are plenty of reasonably priced watches out there that will still last the test of time. If you want to make it extra special you could ask your jeweller to engrave the back of the watch with your initials and date of your wedding. 


  1. Wedding Underwear

No, we don’t mean new tighty whities for your husband to be! We’re thinking more the x-rated wedding underwear that will turn your perfect day into a memorable night for your new husband! You have spent a fortune on your wedding dress, so you will probably need new underwear that matches and supports you on your big day. This underwear can be dual function as both practical during the day and seductive in the evening. You will look and feel great on your wedding day, so once the evening winds down why not treat your husband to some special lingerie that will help end the night with a bang ;) We recently attended the KBC Wedfest and our range of Bridal garters certainly got the attention of all the husbands to be! Our favourite is the Lily Garter. You can check out our range of bridal garters here.


Till next time lovelies xx


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