March 20, 2019

How to make your mum feel special on your Wedding Day! 

These sweet gestures will ensure you're the most thoughtful daughter / bride to be around. On your wedding day, you want your mum to know just how much you appreciate her. Weddings are not all about the dads!

Who runs the world? Girls! Mums. Step mums, Mum-in-Law, Mums who aren't even related to us.They've been there though the teenage years (oh lord), the tears, the tantrums, the successes and the failures. Ofcourse we want our mums to feel special on the wedding day, because this is a milestone for them also! Below are just a few of our favourite ideas: 

Ideas to make your mum feel special on your Wedding Day.

  • Photo of her wedding. Put a photo of your mum at her wedding (and the in laws) at the guest book table. If you can get grandparents even better. I love seeing this at weddings.
  • First Look - have you considered doing a first look with your mum? Chat to your photographer and see if they can capture the moment your mum see's her little girl in her wedding dress for the first time!
  • Don't forget your mum, during the wedding prep time. Make sure she is included in the bridal party preparations, get her a matching robe in a different colour to the bridal party so that she stands out.
  • How about a Mother Daughter Dance? Traditionally, Dad gets a lot of the spotlight moments, from the walk down the aisle to the dance, but mum deserves to have a moment to shine, too! FYI you can also have your mum walk you down the aisle at your wedding!
  • Acknowledge how much your mum means to you with a thank you letter or a poem dedicated to her written in the program or read aloud during the speeches.
  • One of the hardest things is if your mum can’t be part of your wedding day. Make a special section at the ceremony just for your mum by putting her photo and favorite flowers where she would have sat. If that is too emotional for you, put her picture into a Bouquet charm so you can take her down the aisle with you.
  • Write your mum a letter. Sometimes the words don't come or we feel it would be too emotional. If this applies to you and your mum, sit down a write her a letter. All the thing you want to say, and give it to your mum the night before the wedding
  • Include her in the run up to the big day. Maybe get massages or spray tans or have a day out shopping for her outfit. Most mums just want quality time with their daughters.


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