November 26, 2016

As a bride-to-be, you may easily feel overwhelmed with lots of possibilities on how to style your hair for your special day. Do you want to wear your hair down, half up or all up? Hair accessories can elevate your look to the next level but selecting the right one can be a tricky process.

The key is to choose something that will complement your overall aesthetic! The most versatile of all the different hair accessories, and one of the hottest bridal trends is the hair vine! Style your hair to sublime perfection by shaping your hair vine piece around an elegant up-do, across the head or setting it off to one side

Hair vine, thanks to its flexibility, can be used in many different ways by easily shaping it into place. Therefore you get access to a wider range of hairstyle possibilities, making the hair vine the perfect choice if you are not yet sure about how you want to style your hair.


One of the most popular way of wearing a hair vine is as a headband. The hair vine can be secured with bobby pins or with a ribbon. If your going for a boho romantic style, do a braid as a headband and secure the hair vine on top of it for a subtle sparkle. Hair Vines are equally fabulous with short hair. Short haired ladies should pick a hair vine with a ribbon and tie under your hair, check out the fabulous Solstice from Ivory & Co 

If you are more inspired for a boho chic style, then you can wear the hair vine on your forehead.


Another of our favourite ways of wearing a hair vine is at the back of the head. Wearing the hair vine like this will make your hairstyle stand out when photographed from the back and can really add drama to a plain style dress or an edge to a chic chignon. Check out the Sloane Hairvine for Inspiration

Crown it! The Princess in you wants to shine without some ridiculous Tiara. Perch that Hairvine ontop of that Lovely Little head and rock the Crown Style. Just like a princess wears her dashing crown on her head, you can attach the bridal hair vine like a crown. The way you style your hair and how you place the hair vine will make all the difference, enhancing your unique look. 

As a bonus tip: the hair vine can be worn as a belt around your waist to add some extra detail to your dress. 

Has this inspired you? Let us know if you'll be rocking that Hairvine x 

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