October 18, 2018

Honeymoon in Venice: Why is Venice the perfect honeymoon destination?

Plan you ideal Honeymoon in Venice with our trip guide; we got the low down on what to do, where to stay, & most importantly where to eat in our 3 day guide. 

Across the six boroughs of Venice are tons of attractions, restaurants, shops and museums that are yours for the taking with this three day honeymoon in Venice itinerary to help guide your time in the magic city of Venice

Where to stay on Honeymoon in Venice on a budget?

Honeymoon in Venice Let's start on where to stay. I've just returned from Venice& as we were on a budget we chose to rent an apartment on booking.com. If you're on a budget or maybe considering Venice, Italy as a minimoon destination definitely take a look at the San Marco Venice Apartment. Classic Venetian Style and literally moments from San Marco square. Infact it was so close to the San Marco Square that the church bells which rang through the night almost sounded like the originated from the apartment! I would recommend staying in the San Marco area paticularly if you have 3 days or less in Venice as you will be near all the top attractions. 

What to do on Honeymoon in Venice?



Honeymoon Venice Doges PalaceThere is so much to do in Venice on Honeymoon that it can be almost overwhelming to choose. You can't really go to Venice without checking out the San Marco Basilica or Doges Palace. The Basiilica is free to enter but there can be very long lines. You can purchase a skip the queue in advance for 3 euro, same with the Doges Palace. All of the guidebooks say to 'get lost in Venice' but how does anyone get lost these days when google maps is on everyones phone. What I will say is that one of the wonders about Venice (aside from the fact that it almost doesn't look real) is that it constantly surprises you. You can be walking down the narrowest of lanes that will all of a sudden open out to a beautiful square that is a hive of activity.
If one of the main reasons you decided to Honeymoon in Venice, Italywas because of all the beautiful Italian food. Then consider doing a food tour, the perfect way to take in the main sights of Venice, learn a bit of the history while eating a drinking your way around historic Venice.

Best places to eat on honeymoon in Venice.

What to drink... Coffee & Spritz. Italian coffee is like no other, order an espresso or a machiato (expresso with a small bit of hot milk) and do some people watching. Italians don't really do take away coffee. Spritz (my drink of choice) when in Venice actually originated from Venice. It's a shot of Aperol liquor, topped up with Prosecco and soda water, garnished with a few orange slices. Thee best way to toast to your honeymoon & cheers to married life. 

Honeymoon in VenicePasticceria Da Bonafico was one of our best finds when in Venice. This delightful little bakery off the beaten track was full of Italian dining on delicious morsels of local pastries. We tried four or five treats and our bill was less that 3 euros. Unheard of in Venice, perfect if you're trying to stretch your honeymoon budget in Venice

Rossopomodoro - amazing for Pasta and Pizza near San Marco. Definitely recommend to reserve in advance to avoid queuing.
Honeymoon Italy
Impronta Cafe - the absolute highlight of our Venice trip & perfect for a romantic dinner on your honeymoon. Order the tuna tartar or the mixed seafood starter, followed by the ricotta ravioli. 

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