March 28, 2018

Rose Gold has been trending in recent times as the go to for those looking for a modern romantic finish to their bridal style. It has a luxe modern feel when paired with timeless classical styles. Blending pearl bridal earrings with a rose gold twist updates the look. Match your rose gold accessories with a champagne or ivory gown for a modern twist or add a splash of colour with a blush pink or lilac hued wedding gown for that on-trend style.

Rose gold jewelry is anything but new. You may have noticed rose gold making many trending lists for bridal style over the last few years, but the blush colored metal has been around since the mid to late 19th century. Today, rose gold has become the metal of choice for spring and summer wedding jewellery. 

Take your rose gold love affair to the next level by adding the color to your wedding day look through attire and accessories. We've put together our favourites from the rose gold collection from earring to headpieces with an opulent twist you are sure to find a rose amongst the thorns.

At The Lovely Little Label we are huge fans of mixed mettalics.  If you don't know this already, not being able to mix metals is a myth. Infact one of the most recognized time period of rose gold’s popularity was in the late 1920s, when renowned French jeweler, Cartier released a signature piece of jewellery called the Trinity Band. This ring was made up of three entwined smaller bands: one rose, one white and one yellow gold band linked together. If its good enough for Cartier, it’s good enough for us. Rose gold offers a beautiful and feminine canvas, mixing it up with other metals is a sure fire way to modernize your bridal look. Don't be shy about pairing platinum and rose gold styles together—the result is gorgeous!

If you are unsure about rose gold bridal accessories with your dress or theme you can always drop us an email for style advise on hello AT

There are other dreamy ways to include Rose Gold into your wedding. Rose gold is perfect for a garden soirée or classic ballroom venue, and it brings an instant dose of romance to any wedding. Whether you go all out and dress your venue in head-to-toe rose gold or keep things understated with subtle touches of the color, there's no doubt that it makes for one of the prettiest accent hues.

Rose Gold Jewellery

If you're getting married outdoors, darker rose gold hues work great in natural settings. Masses of greenery and and pops of Rose Gold make add a touch of elegance to your garden party. A classic buttercream cake can be updated with a rose gold topper and drip frosting.

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