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The ultimate guide to a Stress Free Wedding Morning: Tips from Real Brides!

When it comes to writing a a list of all the little details of a wedding day, there are things that might easily be forgotten, like gifts for bridal party, robes for morning of weddingetc.

On the day itself, there are people coming and going, there's a timeline you have to adhere to, combined with all the excitement of the day, it's really easy to become overwhelmed.

Having a quick checklist & timeline will help you breeze through Wedding Morning Preparations like you've done it before! 

1. For a Stress free wedding morning get to bed early the night before

First things first, go to bed early the night before. With excitement and nerves running high it may take you a little bit longer to drift off so head to bed a little bit earlier than normal to get a good night's sleep. Leave all your devices outside the bedroom, now is not the time to be scrolling through Instagram. 

Make room in your schedule for some pamper time before bed! Take a warm bath with oils, light some candles, play some chilled music and take this moment to yourself to really allow your mind get ready for the day.

2. Preparation is Key: Lay Out everything you need for the wedding morning

Have your dress hanging up and all your shoes and accessories, lingerie and garter laid out. If your travelling to the hotel in the morning, have your bag packed and ready to go.

You can do this for all the bridesmaids' dresses and accessories too if they are in your possession.

Having everything ready means your photographer can take those all important detailed shots without having to disturb you and it also means everything is ready for you to slip into when hair and makeup are complete.

If you are bringing a small clutch with essentials leave this ready to go too. Make sure to put bridesmaids/groomsmen in charge of your luggage getting to the bridal suite so your aren't wondering where your bag is. 

3. Breakfast like a Queen (or a Bride!)

Although many brides say they feel too anxious or excited to eat in the morning, it is really important. Especially if you are thinking about having a glass or two of bubbles when your getting ready.

A new trend we've seen is brides having grazing boards delivered or breakfast delivered. A girl has gotta eat! 

4. Your Hair and Beauty Timeline

Time your hair and make-up trials when you do them so you know how roughly  long they'll take on the morning of. Double check how your hair and skin should be prepped before they arrive; you may need to have hair washed the night before.

Confirm with the hair and make-up artists on the bridal party schedule and brief your bridal party so there's no confusion about who goes first.

Make sure you've tested any new beauty products before the big day to ensure there are no last minute reactions!

Top Tip: Nominate someone who knows the time line to be time keeper, there is fashionably late and there is late!

5. Pack Bridal Party Robes or PJs for the Wedding Morning

If you’ve been on Pinterest or Etsy any time in say the last year you are bound to have noticed that a little trend is emerging. And that is the introduction of bridal robes.

These pretty little robes have been revolutionising the before shots of weddings everywhere by adding a little bit of personality to your pictures. Whats more, they are actually kind of practical. They are easy to take on and off without comprising that updo you just paid for and will protect your clothes from the droplets of MAC studio fix that the make up artist is so expertly applying for the dewy look of your desire. 

Slip into pretty bridal PJs and a cotton robe for getting ready in - not only will you feel fabulous, you won't be worried about having your picture taken in your usual scruffy pyjamas! Bridesmaid Robes are a very pretty little addition to the morning of your wedding for you & your Bridal Party.  Photographers are now with the bride from early morning capturing all those girly moments and giggles of getting ready, so it's no surprise the ladies want to look their finest in all the snaps. 

6. Hit Play 

Prepare a playlist of your favourite songs to listen to - or get your bridesmaids to do it! . Don't forget to pack a set of portable speakers in your overnight bag if not getting ready at home. 

A good music playlist while everyone getting ready with your favorite songs is essential for bonding time with your gals.

7. Poppin bottles like it's hot

Pop some bubbly and have a toast with your bridal party! But remember, avoid having too much, you have a long day ahead and you don't want all that excitement going to your head! 


8. Bits and Pieces 

  • Don't forget all the little bits and pieces you need for the morning. Make a list and tick them off! Things like a gift for your mum/dad, Perfume, emergency kit with plasters, safety pins, paracetemol maybe decorations if your having them.
  • Anything else you need to have prepared for the day including your green folder or a church donation if required! Have the money ready in labelled envelopes for any vendors that need to be paid on the day.
  • Make sure you have water for during the ceremony or for the car after. 

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