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If you’ve been on Pinterest or Etsy any time in say the last year you are bound to have noticed that a little trend is emerging. And that is the introduction of bridal robes. These pretty little robes have been revolutionising the before shots of weddings everywhere by adding a little bit of personality to your pictures. Whats more, they are actually kind of practical. They are easy to take on and off without comprising that updo you just paid for and will protect your clothes from the droplets of MAC studio fix that the make up artist is so expertly applying for the dewy look of your desire. 


The variety of robes online is immense, so we are here to help you answer some questions.

Do you monogram or embroider robes?

The simple answer is No. Our robes are 100% cotton and, in our humble opinion, so pretty that we wouldn’t want to change the aesthetic by adding to them. These star’s shine all by themselves. That being said they are suitable for embroidery, so if you absolutely want it done & have a local place that can do it by all means go to town!

Which robes?

Fluffy, Satin or Cotton?

Honestly a lot of this is down to personal preference. At the Lovely Little Label we choose cotton based on a couple of factors.

  1. Personal preference. I had cotton robes at my own wedding before starting the label. They were comfortable and lightweight, and more forgiving than their satin counterpart.
  2. Size matters. Where are you getting ready? Fluffy robes are much more bulky than the others. If you need to travel any distance on the day (and believe me you will have a lot of stuff) the less room they take up the better,
  3. Will you use it again? If these are a gift for your bridesmaids then consider when they are likely to be used again (FYI this is the reason I didn’t buy the ones with bridesmaid written on them). The cotton robes are the perfect travel companion and I bring mine with me every time I travel. 

Top Tip: Your flower girl will feel all grown up getting ready with you and your bridesmaids. Now you can include your flower girl in the matching robe trend, with mini robes for flower girls and junior bridesmaids! Our flower girl robes are available in the following floral patterns: ivory, coral, navy & pink.

Sinead x

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May 09, 2017

Hi Beth, All of our robes are available here on our website xx


May 05, 2017

hi, I want to order this please, I cannot find on line.

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