December 21, 2018

You've just gotten engaged now what?

As a newly engaged bride to be it can be a minefield. Start as you mean to go on with Wedding Planning and get organised from the very beginning. 

So you just got engaged... first of all congratulations! This is one of the most fun, exciting and loved-up times ever (I'm a little jealous!). Lots of people will start giving you advice from the moment you get engaged, some of it really helpful, some of it, not so much.

My very first tip before we get into the nitty gritty is to enjoy just being engaged. There will be plenty of time to stress about wedding planning and table plans and decor etc Take a step back to enjoy your new sparkler, and basque in the glow of happiness. Don't jump into wedding planning right away! Take a week or two to let the news really sink in and to just savor the moment.

Secondly and this one is very important: tell as many people in person as possible. Don't put your engagement news on Instagram  until you've told the key people.

Party like you've just gotten engaged!  

Engagement Party IdeasWhat to do when you first get engaged! Have a party! I will leave the finer details up to you, whether you want an actual soiree or to invite your nearest and dearest round for a glass is up to you, but definitely celebrate. We don't celebrate ourselves enough in life and the reality is that those who are closest to you want to celebrate. You're engaged, and that's totally worth toasting.
I remember when I got engagedthinking 'oh god i'm not having a party - people don't care' when in fact the opposite was true! We ended up organising a wine tour for our friends in the Hunter Valley, Sydney as our engagement party! Always fun to be different right! 
Chupi Engagement Ring
In no particular order:
Get a manicure - people are going to be looking at your hand much more than usual!
Ring a Ding Ding - Insure your Bling, we can't forget to be practical here and accidents do happen


Now let's get started on the wedding planning part! And we are going to do a quick fire round of five questions!

  1. Do you want to get married at home or abroad? *Disclaimer you can change your mind at any point*
  2. Numbers? - It's a good idea to write down every single person you can think of that you might want to invite to a wedding and create a minimum and maximum list! Once you've agreed on a rough guest count and budget (we'll get to that next), you can move on to the next step!
  3. D Day! The most desirable wedding dates and venues get booked far in advance so if you're hoping to get married in the next year or two, start thinking about dates now. If possible be flexible - while its lovely to get married on the anniversary of the day you met - your dream venue might be already booked on that date! Try to narrow it down to season, then month and then day. Saturdays in particular will get booked out super quickly!
  4. Money talks, Before you can really move forward with any of your wedding plans, this is a discussion that has to be had. There are lots of 'average cost'  info graphics out there for information but for the average wedding (And by that I mean 150 guests in a 4 star hotel, dress, bridesmaids etc all in the average is about 25k). Don't feel obliged to spend the average, spend more, spend less but be in control of your spending. 
  5. Ceremony time: Civil or Church? This one is more important in recent years, people have fallen out of love with religion and more and more are opting for civil ceremonies. I have been to beautiful Church weddings, and beautiful civil weddings. It's a very personal choice. Infact I did both! {long story short it was too awkward to organise a legal Church wedding in Spain from Australia - although it could be done! So i got legally married in a Church ceremony in Ireland and had a humanist ceremony in Spain). Whatever you decide make sure it's legal.

So by now we should know location, guests, budget, date and ceremony type. Now what:

If possible get out there and start viewing venues, most will have wedding showcases so you can get a feel for what it would be like.

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