April 05, 2018

I'm not saying this will change you life but we don't call it the Life changing guide to packing for nothing!

Okay first let's assume you know where you are going for the hen weekend. If not we have some tips for that too!

A hen weekend whether it is at home or away is the perfect opportunity to take a relaxing break with your best friends and really let your hair down. Whether your idea of a good time is a beach holiday, dancing the night away with a few cocktails, or a stylish city break, half the fun is deciding what amazing hen party-worthy outfits you’re going to bring with you!


Tip numero uno!

Pack Light! We mean that. Being able to mix and match your items means more outfits in less suitcase space, so knowing what to pack and what not to is essential.
A trusty pair of jeans and a selection of "going out" tops wil take you from day to night in no time. Check with the organisers in advance if there is a theme or dress code you need to adhere to. And if you're the party planner extrodinaire then think outside the box for you theme. Cochella vibes or a Mid summer nights dream can really take your party planning skills to next level. 

Bubbly! May your champagne be pink and plentiful! Don't forget the cups and straws!

Dressing Gowns or Pyjamas: Why not coordinate in floral robes as you chill out in your venue of choice. Check out our gorgeous selection.

Hair Straighteners: A girl’s best friend, you may be able to get away with sharing a set with some of the other girls, but ideally make sure there is more than one set between you. Straighteners will especially come in useful if during the day you’re doing any activities where you might get mucky or sweaty and need to get your hair looking its best for your night out.

Money / CurrencyWherever you go you’ll need to remember to take money for eating out, drinks and a spot of shopping, but if you’re heading abroad you’ll need to get hold of foreign currency.

Taking a mix of cash and debit/credit cards is a good idea, and having a card stashed in your luggage could save you in an emergency if you lose your purse or spend a little more than you’d expected. If you’re planning on spending a lot while you’re away, you might consider looking at prepaid credit cards or a card with a lower charge for spending abroad.

It’s a popular idea to set up a kitty for the trip whereby you all put in a set amount and then drinks, food, group expenses all come out of it. This can be handy instead of splitting the bill between individuals or all queuing at the bar for your order, one person can handle the order for everyone.

Photo ID - Although it can be a pain, it’s also flattering to be asked to show your ID to prove your age.It’s easy to forget to carry it, especially if you swap between a couple of different purses, but if you are heading out on the town for a big night, make sure to carry photo ID as there’s nothing worse than being the only one turned away from a pub or club because you can’t prove your age.

Pineapple with sunglasses

An awesome playlist - You’ll need a great track list to boogie to while you get ready and if you have to drive anywhere you’ll need something fab to sing along to.

Last but not least no matter where you are going don't forget to pack the essentials:

  1. Make up bag: make sure to include a bright lipstick to change your look for day to night! (As if we'd go anywhere without it)
  2. Perfume 
  3. Hairbrush & Bobble / Gogo / Hair Tie
  4. Sunglasses
  5. 1 pyjama set: a strappy top and shorts pyjama set is great for a beach hen party, or bring long flannel pyjamas if your destination could have a chill at night. Any excuse to go to Penneys!!
  6. 3 underwear sets, one to be nude in colour and a strapless bra if your outfit requires it
  7. Plasters and blister patches for sore feet
  8. Paracetamol and your favourite hangover drink
  9. Phone charger

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