August 30, 2016

Did you know that in Ireland, on average, it rains on 61% of the days in a year? Simply put there is a 61% chance that if you’re getting married in Ireland, it’s going to rain!


One of the few things you can’t control is the weather. So now you know, that the odds are more likely than not that you will have some rain on your big day, what can you do about it?

You could bury your head in the sand and hope it just blows over – meteorologically speaking of course. Or you could ask your mammy, your granny and all the neighbours to put a child of Prague outside the night before your big day. Alternatively, you could embrace the possibility of rain and let it add to the uniqueness of your wedding day.


As with everything else wedding related, preparation is key!

Below we’ve listed our top tips to embrace the rain & brighten up your day:

  1. Wedding Umbrellas

Well we’ll start with the obvious first! Not only are they functional to keep the rain off your dress. They can also be used in your photos and add a splash of colour to accentuate your wedding dress, match to your bridesmaids, or stand out from the crowd. Plus, they also make great wedding favours. They come in a range of colours and options – our tip is to go for the pink heart umbrella for yourself and the wooden handled umbrellas for your bridal party. The best bit – they’re available on our site right now. Just click here and we’ll get them to you within 3 business days.

Baby Pink Heart Shaped Umbrella customised by LoveUmbrellas -


  1. Wellies

We know what you are thinking. Wellies only work if I’m having a hipster/farmer wedding. Well that’s not true. Wellies have come a long way in the past decade and you can now get everything from your quirky Hunters to your elegant Ted Baker white wellies. Wellies can really set off your look, while also being practical, allowing your beautiful wedding shoes time to shine on their own indoors. Plus it means you have 2 pairs of shoes for your wedding day – what’s not to like?

 Image result for hunter wellies white

  1. Veils

So you might think a veil is old fashioned. Well, nowadays there is a huge range of veils out there. Most dresses will come with a veil as an optional extra. Our hint here is to try on some veils when choosing your wedding dress. That way you’ll know what style goes with your dress. Then if you need a last minute veil you will know exactly what you are looking for. The veil can protect your hair from light showers, keep the rain off your face and make sure your makeup remains fab on your big day.




  1. Marquees

You’ve booked your venue 2 years in advance, secured your coveted date, and got the most exclusive venue in the country with picturesque views 365 degrees. Don’t let a little rain affect the ambience. Most venues will have a marquee or a supplier that they can recommend that can supply you with one. It can be put to one side of the venue so as to not affect the photos. A good photographer can allow you to stay dry while keeping the canopy out of the photo if that’s what you want. And later on it means that the smokers can go outside without having to shiver away in the rain. Plus, people huddled under the canopy can add to the atmosphere – a great opportunity for people to make new friends and keep the craic going till it’s time for the residence bar!


  1. Change the order of the day

Most venues will have a wedding planner or co-ordinator to help you get through your big day. They are the experts there to help ease you through the day. They also will know what the local weather is like. Keep in close contact with them and they may be able to move the schedule around to make the most of the rain and the clear moments. For instance, you could have the speeches before the dinner and then go for your photos after or you could have your dinner earlier and go for your photos afterwards when the rain has died off. Your guests will not notice the difference and you’ll make the best of the rain and shine – bonus, you might even get a rainbow for your photos!

 Image result for wedding order of the day

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Till next time lovers x

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