October 03, 2018

What's the Wedding Garter for?

The wedding garter was once a key component of a bride’s outfit, hidden underneath her gown, waiting for the groom to retrieve it and toss to all the single men at the reception much like tossing the bouquet to all the single women. 

In the USA this still seems pretty common. In fact many brides will buy two garters, one to keep and one to toss! It isn't a commonplace in the UK or Ireland but many brides do still have garters and I have seen a couple get the groom to remove at the wedding as part of the festivities. 

The idea of a wedding garter is polarising for modern brides. Some love it & some absolutely hate it.

So where did the Wedding Garter tradition come from?

Many moons ago, there were many superstitions around the wedding day. In fact one superstition was that owning a piece of the wedding dress would bring good luck, leading to wedding guests essentially attacking the bride to rip off a piece of her gown. Can you imagine if someone if someone literally ripped off a piece of your gown!

So to stop this, brides began wearing a specific article of clothing to be given out as the lucky piece i.e. the garter. Ah it all makes sense now. 

Wedding Garter with Blue Ribbon

We can also gather that at one time the garterwas a symbol of the newlyweds consummating their marriage, so family and friends would take the garter as proof of consummation. Oh my ...the actual horror of it all! This is possibly why many brides struggle to reconcile the idea of a wedding garter, and it's place in the modern world.

Ok so now we now what the wedding garter represents. 

Both of these ancient beliefs result in the garter being removed from the bride and given to someone who attended the wedding.

Who buys the Wedding Garter. 

Often they are gifted to the bride by her friends or family. But in reality many brides buy them themselves. Because the wedding garter is hidden underneath your wedding dress, you can choose one that fits your personality. You might want to choose a simple white one to follow tradition, or you can choose a sexy one that will look great in photos. You can even incorporate your something blue into your outfit with a blue wedding garter. Today, there are many different styles of garters and garter sets to fit every bride’s tastes and needs.

Classic colors include white and ivory, or blue. Having 'Something Blue' comes from an Old English rhyme ("Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe"), and the four objects that the bride adds to her wedding outfit or carries with her on the big day are just good luck charms. 

The idea of wearing a garter lives on as a secret little tradition for many brides who want something pretty just for them. It can also be a great way to work in your something blue if blue nails or heels aren’t your thing. This sheer, wispy wonder is the stuff of wedding dreams ...and you new husband will probably like it too!

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