October 23, 2016

Winter Weddings can be utterly magical and romantic. Picture dark nights, a roaring fire, hot whiskeys with masses of candles lighting up the room. Check out our top tips for adding style to your wedding x

winter wedding

Lovely Little Tip #1: Umbrellas

Have nice umbrellas on stand by for outdoor wedding photographs. These don't have to be fancy - simple white umbrellas will create a chic and practical look. Or for something a little more quirky grab one of our sweet heart shaped umbrellas which look amazing in your pictures.

P.S. Don't forget to get extra brollies for your wedding party and guests.

wedding umbrella

Lovely Little Tip #2: Slippers

Matching robes are a must for your 'getting ready' shots. If you're getting married in the winter take it one step further and keep cosy on those frosty mornings with our range of bridal slippers. They make great keepsakes for your girls.



 Lovely Little Tip #3: Extra Travel Time

Bad weather means bad traffic, so give extra time for travel to your ceremony - no matter how near or far you are going. 

Bonus tip! It gets dark much earlier in the winter so adjust your photo schedule for more light. Your photographer will be able to guide you



  Lovely Little Tip #4: Sparkle 

Add glitter, sparkles, sequins and whatever else you can find. What is considered tacky in summer is totally acceptable at a winter wedding, it is the season after all. More is more!


  Lovely Little Tip #5: Ice yourself

Winter weddings are a fabulous opportunity to add some drama to your get up. Get your glamour on and invest in a pair of statement earrings or ice your wrists with serious bling.

Sinead Statement Crystal Earrings - White Ivy

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